The Research Group is Moving!

During winter term 2021/22, we move to University of Bamberg. From Oct. 15, 2021, Fabian Beck holds a full professor position on Information Visualization.

New webpage of the research group:


 Mon, 04. Oct. 2021   Krause, Cedric

When AIs disagree

Our work with the title Visual Comparison of Multi-label Classification Results concerns artificial intelligences that classify data items into different categories. The items can belong to multiple categories and, therefore,...
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 Tue, 21. Sep. 2021   Latif, Shahid

Interactions that Connect Words and Numbers

New research results on bridging the gap between text and diagrams as part of the DFG-funded project vgiReports.
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 Thu, 11. Feb. 2021   Tarner, Hagen

Talking Realities

Paper on Audio Guides in Virtual Reality Visualizations published in CG&A Journal
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 Wed, 16. Dec. 2020   Agarwal, Shivam

Community Support Awarded: Visualization of Intelligent Train Scheduling

PhD candidate Shivam Agarwal developed a visualization tool to analyze train schedules in the Flatland competition, organized as part of the NeurIPS 2020 conference, held virtually in December. The developed visualization received...
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 Wed, 09. Dec. 2020   Beck, Fabian

Self-explanatory Visualizations

At the VINCI 2020 virtual international conference, Prof. Fabian Beck was one of two keynote speakers and gave a presentation on how to make visualizations self-explanatory.
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 Thu, 22. Oct. 2020   Agarwal, Shivam

Don’t be Afraid of Rejection

Paper rejections are common in research. Although researchers come to terms with such unpleasant encounters with experience, these rejections can be quite painful and frustrating experience for young researchers who have just set...
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 Mon, 19. Oct. 2020   Beck, Fabian

Presenting our Research in Videos

Our research group has started a YouTube channel for showcasing our research in various video presentations.

 Tue, 06. Oct. 2020   Agarwal, Shivam

Visualization of Changing Categories Receives VMV 2020 Best Paper Award

Our recent research work titled “Visualizing Sets and Changes in Membership Using Layered Set Intersection Graphs” won the Best Paper Award at the Vision, Modeling, and Visualization (VMV) 2020 conference. The conference was held...
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 Tue, 30. Jun. 2020   Hagen Tarner

Participation in International Seminar on Software Evolution

Visualizing Evolution and Performance Metrics on Method Level as Multivariate Data
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 Wed, 17. Jun. 2020   Beck, Fabian

Complex Temporal Bahavior Unrolled

Sich ausrollender Sumpffarn (Thelypteris palustris) - Quelle: Wikimedia Commons
Machine learning methods are powerful but are hard to understand, especially if they show complex temporal behavior as part of their training process or when being used as autonomous agents. Group member Shivam Agarwal, together...
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 Fri, 10. Jan. 2020   Beck, Fabian

Learning from Network Comparison

New interdisciplinary MERCUR research project on comparative data analysis within the Ruhr University Alliance
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 Thu, 09. Jan. 2020   Agarwal, Shivam

Awarded: Visualization Support for Artificial Intelligence Development

A visualization tool developed by PhD student Shivam Agarwal, which supports analysis of Pommerman games in a competition, was awarded with $1k in Google Credits. The competition was held as a workshop of the NeurIPS...
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