Die Arbeitsgruppe zieht um!

Wir wechseln im Wintersemester 2021/22 an die Universität Bamberg. Ab 15. Oktober 2021 übernimmt Fabian Beck den dortigen Lehrstuhl für Informationsvisualisierung.

Neue Webseite der Arbeitsgruppe: https://www.uni-bamberg.de/vis



We make available many of our interactive visualization approaches as Web-based prototypes. 

Dynamic Set Visualization

The tool visualizes weighted membership of elements in sets that changes over time.

Demo   Paper

Virtual/Mixed Reality Session Visualization

A tool that visualizes user sessions of a scenario where two users at different locations need to collaborate in a virtual world.

Demo   Paper

Code Quality Documents

An explorative and self-explanatory reporting approach to convey the quality of code.

Demo   Paper


A tool to analyze competition and collaboration strategies of players in a bomb laying game

Demo  Paper 

Set Streams

A visualization approach to analyze dynamic overlapping sets

Demo  Paper 

Interactive Map Reports

A demonstrator of an approach that leverages natural language text to summarize bivariate map visualizations.

Demo  Paper 

VIS Author Profiles

A tool that automatically generates profile pages of researchers working in the visualization community. The generated profile includes a novel and interactive combination of natural language text and visualizations.

Demo  Paper 

Visualization-Text Interaction

A declarative way of creating interactive linking between text and various components of visualizations.

Demo  Paper 

Method Execution Reports

Automatically generated textual and visual reports that summarize a method's behavior during execution

Demo   Paper   Details 


A framework of word-sized eye tracking visualizations

Demo   Paper   GitHub 


Radial Transition Graph Comparison Tool for analyzing eye tracking data

Demo   Paper 


A visual literature browser for sharing structured literature collections

Demo  Paper  GitHub 


A comparison approach for software modularizations

Demo   Paper 


A visual debugging tool for regular expressions

Demo  Paper