Wintersemester 20/21


Master Project Group "Visualization": Did Einstein meet Schrödinger? A Chatbot System for Analyzing Intertwined Lives of Historical Figures (HiFiBot)

  • Shahid Latif
  • Prof. Dr. Fabian Beck
Winter Semester 2020/2021


Historical figures such as scientists, politicians, or media celebrities traveled around, interacted with, and may even have influenced other figures. These movements and interactions can be abstracted as geographical trajectories, timelines, or networks. And, an analysis of such data can provide rich insights into the lives of the famous public figures. In this project group, we aim at developing a chatbot system for answering questions about lives of historical figures using a mix of visualizations and text. To solve the problem, we’ll first extract relevant data from knowledge graphs (KG) and other open databases. Then, we plan on using a chatbot framework (e.g., Dialogflow, LUIS, to map the user question to a data query. The information will then be represented as a combination of suitable visualizations (such as timeline, maps, node-link diagrams, etc.). Finally, we’ll use natural language generation (NLG) to produce a short description as an answer to the user query.