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Wir wechseln im Wintersemester 2021/22 an die Universität Bamberg. Ab 15. Oktober 2021 übernimmt Fabian Beck den dortigen Lehrstuhl für Informationsvisualisierung.

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Visually Exploring Object Mutation

Art der Publikation: Beitrag in Sammelwerk

Visually Exploring Object Mutation

Schulz, Rodrigo; Beck, Fabian; Cerezo Felipez, Jhonny W.; Bergel, Alexandre
Titel des Sammelbands:
Proceedings of the 4th IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization
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Visually Exploring Object Mutation (321 KB)
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Object-oriented programming supports object mutation during a program execution. A mutation occurs whenever a value is assigned to an object field. Analyzing the evolution of object mutation is known to be difficult. Unfortunately, classical code debuggers painfully support the analysis of object mutations. Object Evolution Blueprint is a visualization dedicated to exploring object mutation over time. Our blueprint visually and concisely represents sequences of field mutations. The history of each field is adequately shown with respect to the dynamic value types. We have observed the use of our blueprint with three practitioners. Our visualization has been well received and accepted to complete two different software comprehension tasks. Moreover, our user study shows that the visualization is both intuitive and simple to learn.