Sommersemester 18


Interacting with Virtual Realities (VinteR)

  • Prof. Dr. Fabian Beck
Wintersemester 2017/2018


Diese Projektgruppe findet in Zusammenarbeit mit der Arbeitsgruppe "Mensch-Computer Interaktion" statt. Die Anmeldung erfolgt über die zentrale Vergabe für Projektgruppen.

Abstract: Virtual Realities have made the step from niche to main stream over the last years. Gaming devices that put the user in a virtual reality provide a realistic visual and auditory experience. However, the input capabilities of the user are rather limited and do not match the highly sophisticated output. While different input mechanisms exist as additional devices (e.g., gestures through leap motion), the current level of integration needs to be increased to achieve an immersive experience. Thus, the goal of this project group is to lay the foundation for future research in interacting with virtual reality by developing an interaction framework. This framework should provide a simple UI allowing developers to easily integrate different input and output means. Examples for input technologies are leap motion devices, Microsoft Kinect, or room-sized tracking such as OptiTrack. Additionally, the framework should be capable of analyzing the behavior of multiple users in VR. This includes recording the movement of the user, performed inputs, and provided outputs. This should be visualized to allow developers and researchers to easily analyze the behavior.